Young And The Restless Poll: Should Phyllis Be Punished For Faking Her Death?

Young And the Restless: Phyllis pleads with her daughter

Young And the Restless: Phyllis pleads with her daughter

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop reveals the manhunt will soon be on for Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). But once she’s caught, should the fiery red head face consequences for her actions?

Y&R spoilers tease Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) will receive the forensic report from the memorial service program he found in a dumpster last week. And it’ll definitively prove that the mascara stained teardrop on it is a DNA match for Phyllis.

So, the search will be on to find the very much alive Phyllis. Rumor has it, she’ll reunite with Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) this week. Plus, while she’s spending time with her children in her secret hotel suite, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will walk in. And we all know how good Kyle is at keeping secrets.

Y&R Poll – Phyllis Passed Out In A Spectacular Fashion

As viewers know, Phyllis faked her death in spectacular fashion. She passed out at the GCAC gala, during an angry and emotional tirade. It was right after Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) announced his engagement to Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters).

Y&R Scoop: Phyllis is assisted by Danny and Daniel as she collapses at the Genoa City gala

Unfortunately for Phyllis, her hatred of Diane trumped everything else in her life, including her children. Which led her to team up with Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) to fake her own death and pin it on Diane. She figured why not? After all, Diane did it and got away with it.

But Phyllis isn’t Diane and she couldn’t stand the thought of her children grieving her loss. And after she killed Stark in self defense, she contacted Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) and revealed herself.

Young And The Restless Poll – Christine Won’t Feel The Same

Both Summer and Daniel are protective of their mother and they don’t want her to face any jail time for faking her death and killing Stark. However, Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell), will not feel the same way and she’ll want Phyllis to pay for what she’s done.

But what do you think? Should Phyllis be held accountable for her actions? Or should she get off scot-free for what’s she done? Vote in our poll below!

Should Phyllis Be Punished For Faking Her Death?

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