Young And The Restless Scoop Monday, November 14: Chance Dumps Abby – Amanda Tells Devon There’s No Going Back – Diane Worries About Stark

Y&R Scoop: Chance Tells Abby It's Over

Y&R Scoop: Chance Tells Abby It's Over

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Monday, November 14 suggests Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) will tell his wife she belongs with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

Also coming up, Devon will try to convince Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) to stay in town. Plus, Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) will confide her fears to Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). And Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) agree on a game plan.

Y&R spoilers tease Ashley will fill in her allies about Jeremy Stark (James Hyde). Nikki will ask if they have any proof that Diane broke the law with this man. But Ashley will say no. “We need to confront Diane and put the fear of God in that bitch,” Phyllis will add. Then the trifecta will discuss using Stark to get Diane out of town. Ashley will also suggest they get Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) team involved and they’ll all agree.

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Speaking of Diane, she’ll whine to Kyle that she feels like the dynamic between them has changed. She’ll say she’s tired of the constant scrutiny she’s under. “Maybe it’s time for me to go, maybe I should have never returned.” Kyle will tell her not to be so melodramatic. Then Diane will complain about Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley and she’ll show him the article about Stark. Kyle will ask if she helped put Stark in jail and she’ll admit she did. “What if he’s waiting for revenge and the three of them light the match?” Diane will ask. Kyle will say he’s not going to let anything happen to her.

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Meanwhile, Devon will arrive home to find Amanda packing the last of her things. She’ll tell him she’s also resigning from Chancellor Winters. Devon will repeat that he and Abby are just friends. Amanda will tell Devon his son connects him to Abby Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) forever. “How could I possibly compete with that?” As she continues packing, Devon will ask her to take a little more time to think about it. “It’s over Devon. Can’t you see that?” she’ll reply. “There’s no coming back from this.”

At Crimson Lights,  Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) will tell Chance she heard a bit of his argument with Abby. And she’ll say she used to be jealous of Rey’s job. “It seems like maybe your work is causing tension for Abby.” He’ll admit that’s the case. “If she even thinks I’m distracted about a case, she goes straight to betrayal,” he’ll say. But Sharon will tell him that staying in a relationship and trying to change something that can’t be changed “is just headed down the road to miserable heartache.”

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Finally, Chance will return to the Chancellor estate and find Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) there with his wife. Mariah will say she’s got to get back to work and leave. Then Abby will say she hopes he can put aside what happened with Devon. She wants to work things out with him.

“It’s too late, we’re past working things out,” Chance will bluntly tell his stunned wife. But Abby will beg him to remember everything they’ve overcome and fight for their love. She’ll say she’s sure they can get past this. “I know in my heart, and I say this with no bitterness or anger, you belong with Devon,” Chance will reply. “He’s the guy that fits all your ideals. So it’s over Abby.”

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