Young And The Restless Scoop Monday, January 30: Nick Asks Victor If He Sabotaged Sally – Phyllis Is Heading To Portugal – Nate Grills Audra

Young And The Restless Scoop: Nick Confronts Victor about Sally

Young And The Restless Scoop: Nick Confronts Victor about Sally

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Monday, January 30 suggests Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will suspect his father has been up to no good.

Also coming up, Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpi) will admit to Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) she doesn’t trust Audra Charles (Zulekya Silver). Plus, Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E Bregman) and Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc) will accuse Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) of meddling. And Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will give Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) some notes on Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) performance.

Y&R spoilers tease Teriah will show Elena the latest ultrasound of the baby they hope to adopt. She’ll say she’s happy for them, but they can tell something is wrong. Elena will admit it’s Nate’s new employee. She doesn’t trust her. Mariah will realize she’s talking about Audra. Tessa will ask if Elena’s worried that Audra has designs on Nate. She’ll say not romantically. “She’s exerting an influence on him. She seems to be stoking Nate’s ambitions.”

Y&R Daily Scoop – Phyllis Has Herself A Eureka Moment

Speaking of Audra, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) will grill her about Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). He’ll ask her how she knows he’s interested in Daniel Romalotti’s (Michael Grazeidai) gaming platform. She’ll admit he was the one she went to see. Nate will ask if she’s working Tucker, him or both of them. But she’ll promise Nate she’s loyal to him. Later, Nate will fill in Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) about his interest in Omega Sphere, but he’ll say Tucker is interested as well. Victoria will tell him she’ll handle Tucker.

Y&R Scoop: Phyllis says she'll talk to Heather

Over at Society, Phyllis will spot Michael and Lauren, who will ask her to join them. She’ll get emotional as she tells them how rough her son’s personal life has been and she’ll have a eureka moment. “I know how to solve this problem,” Phyllis will tell Michael and Lauren. “If I go to Heather and convince her to give Daniel another chance…” Lauren and Michael will tell her not to meddle. “This is going to backfire spectacularly,” a grinning Michael will say. Lauren will suggest a phone call, but that won’t be good enough for Phyllis. She’s going to Portugal.

At the adjacent table, Victoria will tell her brother to spill whatever’s wrong. Nick will say he doesn’t like the way Victor keeps putting down Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Victoria doesn’t condone their father trying to control their lives, but she doesn’t think he has a future with Sally. Nick’s phone will ring and it’s Sally. He’ll ask how the presentation went. “Jill did what?” he’ll say. After he hangs up, he’ll tell Victoria Sally and Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) flew  to LA and Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) canceled the meeting for no reason. “Something’s not right,” Nick will say. “And I intend to get to the bottom of it.”

Young And The Restless Scoop – Kyle Gives Victor His Notes

Meanwhile, Kyle will make a call asking for status reports on all the accounts Adam has been overseeing. He’ll look them over and when Summer Newman (Alison Lanier) arrives, she’ll ask what he’s looking at. Kyle will make up a lie and head to Newman Enterprises. “I found something I think you can use to get Adam out of the company,” he’ll say to Victor and hand him his notes on Adam’s performance. “The effort he’s putting forth is mediocre at best.” Victor will thank him and say they’ll see how they can take advantage of it.

Finally, Nick will walk into Victor’s office. He’ll tell his father that when Sally and Chloe got to LA, Jill wouldn’t take the meeting with them. “Stuff happens, you know,” Victor will reply. “Did you speak with Jill and convince her to rip this away from Sally?” Nick will ask. “Yes or no?”

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