Young And The Restless Poll: Should Rey End His Marriage To Sharon?

Young And The Restless Scoop: Rey Rosales Accuses Sharon Rosales Of Putting Adam Newman's Needs First

Young And The Restless Scoop: Rey Rosales Accuses Sharon Rosales Of Putting Adam Newman's Needs First

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop suggests Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) is already fed up with his new bride, who goes running to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) every chance she gets. Should he end their marriage?

In an upcoming Y&R episode, Rey will sound off at Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) after he walks in on she and Adam holding hands. He’ll say he wants Adam out of their lives for good. “Adam disgusts me,” he will tell her. Then he’ll accuse his wife of still being in love with her ex.

“You are my husband and when I said my vows, I meant every word of it,” Sharon will respond. These two got married less than two months ago and they’re already arguing about Adam. Sharon and Rey probably shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.

Young And The Restless Poll – Rey Rosales Wants His Needs To Be Put First

Regardless, he’ll draw a line in the sand and tell his wife not to see Adam again. “I need you to put my needs ahead of his,” Rey will say. “How much more do you expect me to take?”

Rey will then storm off upstairs and Sharon will go out for a drive to clear her head. But she’ll run into Adam at Society and foolishly tell him that Rey accused her of still being in love with him. One thing will lead to another and Shadam will end up sharing a passionate kiss.

In a later episode, spoilers tease Adam will agitate Rey on purpose. Rey hates Adam’s guts so it surely won’t take much. But will Adam be so bold as to tell Rey he kissed Sharon? Or will he just drop a couple of hints?

Young And The Restless Poll – Things About To Get Tense In Shey’s Marriage

Whatever happens, things are going to get very tense in Shey’s marriage during the next couple of weeks. Sharon does love Rey but he’s right, her feelings for Adam always get in the way. If they can get past that, perhaps they can make their marriage work.

So, what do you think? Should Rey just cut his losses end his marriage to Sharon? Vote in our poll below.

Should Rey End His Marriage To Sharon?

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8 Thoughts to “Young And The Restless Poll: Should Rey End His Marriage To Sharon?”

  1. ann boever

    annie love sharon & Rey they belong together to & sharon needs to focus on them period to & adam can handle his own dam problems with chelsea & go see conner to dont come back at all to both chelsea & adam need to leave for good & leave sharon & Rey alone for good to & sharon & Rey & needs to go away together on Valentines day for along while to period

    1. Anonymous

      You need to Leave Chelsea and Adam alone okkayy Lady

  2. ann boever

    REY & sharon belong together keep them that way dam it & they both can focus on them period & go away together to for a while at least to so Y&R keep them together & Rey is way better for her to 100 per cent to & Rey is better then adam to way better to Adam & chelsea can handle there own dam problems to see conner dont come back

  3. Denise

    I just love Sharon with Adam! I hate it but I do!
    Adam just feels responsible for Chelsea. He’s never not loved Sharon. They are great on the screen together! Just so steamy!

  4. Anonymous

    Rey and Sharon need to stay together. I think Faith will enlighten her as to why she is acting out and Sharon will quit Adam. I know Sharon has a soft heart but Adam knows how to get her to do what he wants. writers, if you are reading this change the script for Rey and Sharon to stay together and tell Adam to take a hike. get Faith straightened out and tell Sharon her being around Adam all the time is hurting Faith because what happened at faiths birth; Others are bullying her Sharon and you need to handle now/. writers take heart and changed the script. If you will read the answers above you know what to do.

  5. Glenda Smallwood

    Even if Rey ends his marriage, Adam isn’t going to leave Chelsea so Shey may as well stay together!

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