Young And The Restless Poll: Should Justin Gaston Replace Donny Boaz As Chance?

Young And The Restless Poll: Justin Gaston And Donny Boaz As Chance Chancellor

Young And The Restless Poll: Justin Gaston And Donny Boaz As Chance Chancellor

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop reveals the date has been set and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) is about to get her dream wedding. But which Chance Chancellor will she marry?

As most viewers are aware, Donny Boaz, who has portrayed the character since November 2019, recently tested positive for COVID-19. In his absence, he’s been temporarily replaced by Ordway’s real-life husband Justin Gaston.

The six feet apart rule that’s been inherent in Y&R scenes since it returned has been cumbersome. When Boaz’s Chance proposed to Abby and she said yes, she couldn’t even hug him afterwards. It looked awkward, to say the least.

Young And The Restless Poll – An Indefinite Recast Doesn’t Exactly Seem Fair

But the interim replacement of Gaston has allowed Chance and Abby to literally get much closer. They can sit together, hold hands, cuddle and even kiss! And fans are liking it, a lot.

“#Chabbs just got a lot more interesting,” one viewer commented on Twitter. “Can we keep MO’s real life husband as Chance, thanks!” another chimed in.

Boaz has stated that he’s already back at work, so those who were hoping for an indefinite switch could be sadly disappointed. It also doesn’t seem fair to let an actor go just because he can’t get within six feet of an actress. However, stranger things have happened.

Young And The Restless Poll – Justin Gaston Seems To Fit The Role Well

One fan put it this way. “Maybe it’s cause I can’t stand Donny...but he (Gaston) genuinely seems to fit the role very well. A recast should be done so there can be lovin, and Justin’s doing a legit seamless job.”

What do you think? Should Y&R replace Boaz with Gaston permanently as Chance? Vote in our poll below!

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