Young And The Restless Scoop February 7: Jordan Calls Nikki, Who Dares Her To Come After Her – Phyllis Declares War On Christine – Jack Comes Clean With Victor

Young And The Restless: Nikki dares Jordan to come after her

Young And The Restless: Nikki dares Jordan to come after her

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Wednesday, February 7 reveals Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will get a phone call from Jordan (Colleen Zenk).

Also coming up, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will get disturbing news. Plus, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will detail his lackluster plan to Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver). And Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) will worry about Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson).

Y&R spoilers tease Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) will ask Traci what happened in Paris. Traci will tell her Ashley didn’t get the answer she was expecting. She’ll also say she believes Tucker’s version is the truth, because she did a little more digging at the cafe. “Every other person I talked to who remembered it corroborated Tucker’s version of events,” she’ll tell Abby. “This was not the violent scene that Ashley remembers.”

Y&R Daily Scoop – Turtleneck Tucker Reveals His Master Plan

Meanwhile, Audra will keep pushing Turtleneck Tucker to reveal his master plan. And yes, it’s as mind numbing as viewers imagined it would be. Regardless, Tucker will hand Audra a list of cosmetics companies that used to be powerhouses, but are now floundering. “Which makes them quite vulnerable, wouldn’t you say?” he’ll point out. “I’m talking about consolidating six companies into the greatest, biggest, most powerful company of its kind.”

Y&R Scoop: Tucker looks bored as Audra talks to him

They’ll head downstairs and run into Traci. Tucker will tell her he knows she was in Paris with Ashley. He’ll add that he hopes she can convince her sister his version of events is what actually happened. When Traci arrives at the Abbott estate she’ll call Jack and say she needs to talk to him right away.

At the dive bar, Nikki will text Jack, after Victor leaves: “Tank you.” So, Jack will call and ask how she is. “You know, Victor’s security guys followed me, then he followed me too,” she’ll reply. “It is just so suffocating.”

Then she’ll sit down and have a couple more drinks. Nikki’s phone will ring, and when she answers, she’ll hear burlesque music playing. “I hope you’re comin’ for me Jordan,” Nikki will slur. “I dare ya, because it’ll be the biggest, worst mistake you ever made.”

At Newman, Victor will arrive and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will tell him he’s Nikki’s sponsor. Victor will ask why he didn’t know about it and Jack will explain she was adamant he not tell her. But he’ll say Nikki needs his help right now. “Jack you know damn well she was in some dive bar getting loaded, getting drunk!” Victor will shout. “And yet you help her cover-up. You’re not helping her – you gave her permission to drink more.”

But Jack will be in denial and say he’s not encouraging Nikki’s drinking. “Clearly you’re not helping her, she’s still drinking,” Victor will point out. Jack will say he realizes Nikki’s going to be furious with him but he felt like he had no other choice but to come clean. But when Nikki calls him again, he and Victor will head out to get her.

Young And The Restless Scoop – Christine Doesn’t Scare Phyllis

At Crimson Lights, Christine will see Danny sitting by himself. He’ll apologize for her having to witness him kissing Phyllis. Danny will add that he’s been laying low while he works on a new album. “Your silence speaks volumes,” Christine will reply. “You really don’t know what you want, do you?”

Y&R Scoop: Phyllis glares at Christine

Then Phyllis will show up tell Danny he just disappeared and she wondered where he went. He’ll say he’s been working on some music. Then he’ll turn to Christine. “To answer your question, I just want the dynamic between the three of us to end, I’ve really had enough.” Christine will take offense and walk over to the counter. But Phyllis will tell her she should hear Danny out.

“Maybe you came here to admit that you have feelings for me and you want to be with me,” Phyllis will say to Danny. So, he’ll say they’re both special to him and his feelings have evolved. “I really want what’s best for Phyllis and I want to be there for her and help her in any way I can, without all of this drama.” But Christine will be angry that Danny is lumping her in with all this. “Why don’t we just take a step back and let this all go?” he’ll ask, before he storms out.

Finally, Christine will turn to Phyllis and tell her she always has to ruin everything. “Can’t you see that Danny’s just not that into you?” Phyllis will respond. Christine will tell her it’s embarrassing, the way she throws herself at Danny. “You don’t scare me,” Phyllis will say. “If it’s war you want, it’s war you’ll get.” “If that’s how you want to play it, gauntlet thrown,” Christine will reply.

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