Young And The Restless Daily Scoop Monday, March 29: Faith Crashes – Chloe Sticks By Chelsea – Rey Looks For Adam

Young And The Restless Scoop: Faith Newman Crashes A Truck

Young And The Restless Scoop: Faith Newman Crashes A Truck

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Monday, March 29 suggests Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) will steal a truck and crash it.

Also coming up, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will discover a bottle of tequila is missing and Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) promises to stick by Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). Plus, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) will be frantic with worry.

Spoilers tease Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) will ask Sharon if she has any idea where Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) could be. “I need you to think, Sharon,” he’ll say. She’ll ask him if he’s interrogating her. “Is this what it’s come to?” Rey will look around Genoa City for Adam, to no avail.

Young And The Restless Scoop – Chelsea Newman Believes They Won’t Be Suspected

At the penthouse, Chelsea will tell Chloe it’s over and Adam is on the run from the police. Chloe wants details of what happened. She had no idea that what she’d planted in Rey and Sharon’s house was poison. “Chelsea what were you thinking? How could you do this?”

Chelsea will say no one is going to suspect the two of them. “You poisoned an innocent man,” Chloe will reply. “And now thanks to you, I’m an accessory to a major crime.” However, she’ll tell Chelsea that she’s done worse in her life and she’s going to stand by her no matter what.

Meanwhile, Nikki will walk into the living room and find that Faith isn’t there. She’ll head to Sharon’s and tell her some troubling news. Faith was catfished by Jordan (Madison Thompson) and Nikki has no idea where she is. “There’s one more thing you need to know,” Nikki will say. “There’s a bottle of tequila missing from our bar.”

Young And The Restless Scoop – Nick Newman Has A Tracking Device Installed

Faith  is in the barn, crying and drinking tequila as she reads a bunch of nasty social media posts targeting her. “You’re a joke. Everybody hates you. Poor little rich girl.” Sharon and Nick are frantic with worry. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will arrive and tell them one of the ranch trucks is missing.

Nick has an app installed on Faith’s new phone to track her location, so he and Sharon will take off to look for their daughter. Nick’s app has tracked her just up ahead of them. As Faith speeds down a dark highway, she gets a text. At first she ignores it but then picks up the phone. Just as she looks back up from her phone, she’ll gasp as she sees headlights. Then viewers will hear tires screeching. Will Faith be okay?

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