Young And The Restless Scoop May 23: Michael And Cole Plot Behind Victor’s Back To Move Jordan To A Real Prison – Nikki’s Home – Tucker Learns Audra’s In Paris

Young And The Restless: Michael talks to Cole about Jordan

Young And The Restless: Michael talks to Cole about Jordan

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Thursday, May 23 reveals Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) will tell Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) that Jordan (Colleen Zenk) is alive.

Also coming up, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will be out of rehab in record time. Plus, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) will be relieved when Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) comes home. And Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will find out Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) is plotting against him.

Y&R spoilers tease Ashley will wake up and ask Tucker what they’re doing there. Tucker will tell her she passed out. “You’re in trouble right now and I think you know that,” he’ll reply. “You need to be home with your family and I’m taking you.” And Ashley will agree to it.

Y&R Daily Scoop – Jack Asks What Tucker’s Doing With Ashley

Meanwhile, Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins), Jack and Traci will determine Ashley’s trauma may have started during the second trip she made to Paris, with Traci. Alan will say they need to connect to the real Ashley and she needs to agree to inpatient treatment somewhere.

Y&R Scoop: Jack sees Tucker and Ashley standing outside

But as he prepares to leave, Jack will open the front door and Ashley will be standing there, with Tucker. “What are you doing with my sister?” he’ll ask. They’ll walk inside and Tucker will tell them Ashley collapsed. Jack will ask what happened but Ashley will say she doesn’t remember.

Then Jack will accuse Tucker of doing something to Ashley. “Can we not do this right now?” Tucker will exclaim. “She needs help!”  Ashley will admit she’s afraid to ask what day it is and will ask Alan to help her. As Tucker starts to leave, Ashley will touch his arm and thank him for everything.

Jack and Traci will head outside and Ashley’s voices will start. “Stop it!” she’ll shout. “You weren’t talking to me, were you?” Alan will ask. He’ll add he thinks she’s dealing with multiple personalities. He’ll say she needs to be in a place to get treatment but she’ll refuse.  So, Alan will suggest she come to Paris with him to find out what trauma caused this.

As for Tucker, he’ll have a drink at the GCAC bar and flash back to his recent interactions with Ashley. Then he’ll get a call from a Glissade board member. “Will I be attending any of the meetings this week with Audra?” he’ll ask. “Audra is in Paris?”

In the dungeon, Jordan will find a piece of thin metal and try to pick the lock of her cell. At the same time, Victor will see the hidden panel leading to the dungeon is open. So, he’ll investigate. “You’re busy at work I see,” he’ll say to Jordan, as he grabs the metal from her. “You had a visitor, didn’t you?”

Young And The Restless Scoop – Nikki Thinks She’s Free Of Jordan

Jordan will ask who would come down there when everyone thinks she’s dead. She’ll ask him to bring her a vial of poison, so she can be free. But he’ll walk away. Upstairs, Nikki will walk in, calling out for Victor. When he doesn’t respond, Nikki will head to the tack house.

Y&R Scoop: Nikki smiles brightly at Victor

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will be surprised to see her. And Nikki will say her therapists said she could continue the work at home. Victor will arrive shortly after and they’ll embrace. “Now that we are free of Jordan forever, nothing can threaten my recovery,” Nikki will tell him.

At Society, Cole will tell Michael there’s something he needs to know. “First, I need to hire you as my attorney,” he’ll say. Then he’ll ask what Michael knows about Jordan. And Michael will say, as far as he knows, she fell to her death. “She’s alive,” Cole will blurt out.

Michael will ask if he’s seen her. “Yes, Victor is keeping her in a dungeon at the main house.” Cole will add that Victor has been disappearing a lot lately. “I followed him, when he came out of the basement door, I was able to slip back in.” He’ll add that Jordan should be behind bars, but in a proper prison. “Not tortured by Victor.”

However, he also doesn’t want to get Victor in trouble. Michael will say the legal ramifications would be enormous for The Mustache. But Cole will point out even if Jordan tells everyone what Victor did, no one would believe her. Michael will tell Cole the two of them will have to do the dirty work.

Finally, Cole will say Victor’s going to explode when he finds out. Michael will say yes, but they have to get Jordan out of there. However, they’ll have to figure out how to get her into a real prison, while keeping Victor out of an orange jumpsuit. “I think I may have an idea,” Cole will reply.

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