Young And The Restless Scoop November 28: Claire Learns Jordan Stole Her From The Hospital – Nikki’s Reunion With Victor Is Short Lived

Young And The Restless: Claire lashes out at Aunt Jordan

Young And The Restless: Claire lashes out at Aunt Jordan

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Tuesday, November 28 reveals Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) will lash out at her Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk).

Also coming up, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will reunite with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Plus, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) will try to reason with Claire. And Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will try to overpower Jordan.

Y&R spoilers tease Victoria will ask why Claire called her mother. “You’re either completely delusional or just crazy, but before you came to work for my mother I’d never seen you before in my entire life,” she’ll say. But Claire will accuse Victoria of ignoring her existence all these years. “I am not your mother,” Victoria will tell her.

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Meanwhile, Nikki will imagine Victor is in her room. “You swore to me never again,” he’ll say. “When did you start drinking again?” But Nikki will say she’s not drinking, they’re forcing her to. “You’re stronger than the alcohol, believe it,” she’ll imagine him saying. “You be the woman that I know you are.” Then Nikki will get up and her IV will fall over. “What was that?” Nick will ask. “I heard something upstairs.”

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But Jordan will lie and say it must have been their pet and Nick will ask where the antidote for the poison is. Claire will say she knows where one is and her aunt knows where the rest are. And Jordan will tell them they’ll just have to trust them if they want to live. Victoria will ask Cole if he recognizes Jordan. “Is she your aunt?” she’ll ask. But Cole will say he’s not sure.

Then Victor will ask Jordan what she wants them to do. “I know you’re the alpha male who likes running the show,” Jordan will reply. “But this isn’t your show, it’s our show.” Claire will confiscate their phones and lock them in a drawer. And she’ll turn to Victoria and Cole. “How do you think it felt, the two of you going on with your lives, acting like I never existed?” she’ll ask them. “You just gave me away, the day I was born, and never looked back.”

But Cole and Victoria will tell Claire that Jordan has been lying to her. “You’re not my aunt, you can’t be,” Cole will say to Jordan. “And she’s not our daughter, she can’t be.” Victoria will tell Claire she’ll show her the paperwork and take her to baby Eve’s gravesite. “She died Claire, and it broke both of our hearts,” she’ll say. “She existed and then she died and that’s the truth. We are not who you think we are.”

However, Claire will say the only one lying is Victoria. “After I was born, you shipped me away because you didn’t want me.” She’ll turn to Victor and ask if he and Nikki came up with it. “You were so busy being a Newman princess, so you handed me off and told everyone I was dead,” Claire will continue. However, Cole will tell her baby Eve was born prematurely and was too weak to survive.

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“I was there when Eve took her last breath, we buried her,” Cole will say. But Jordan will tell them the child they buried was not their daughter. “You took my sister, I had to take something from you,” she’ll admit. “Claire is your daughter, I should know, I stole her from the hospital, to make your family pay for all your sins.”

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Then a shocked Claire will stare at her aunt. “You told me they didn’t want me, they gave me away!” she’ll shout. But Jordan will say it doesn’t matter and changes nothing. “It does matter, you stole me from the hospital to pay them back!” Claire will say. But Jordan will tell Claire to focus. “No, all these stories, none of it’s true, you used me!” she’ll reply. “I am done listening to you!” As they’re arguing, Nick will give Victor a look, and he’ll start making his way up the stairs.

Eventually, Claire will sit down on the couch and Victoria will implore Claire to help them. “Tell me who I am,” she’ll respond. But Victoria will say they don’t know. “We don’t have any answers, but we can’t get them, unless you help us,” she’ll say. “Please.”

Finally, Nick will overpower Jordan, when she notices Victor walking up the stairs. He’ll call out for Nikki. “Victor!” she’ll reply. “Oh my God, Victor I’m up here!” When he enters the room, she’ll ask if it’s really him and they’ll embrace.  But downstairs, Jordan will get the better of Nick, grab a hidden knife and slash him as he tries to follow her up the stairs. She’ll burst into the room and Nikki will gasp. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Jordan will ask them.

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