Young And The Restless Scoop January 17: Christine Decides To End Things With Danny – Nikki Suspects Seth Was Drinking – Victoria Opens Up To Victor

Young And The Restless: Christine is angry with Danny

Young And The Restless: Christine is angry with Danny

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Wednesday, January 17 reveals Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell) won’t fall for Danny Romalotti’s (Michael Damian) excuses.

Also coming up, Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) will seek Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) assistance. Plus, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will return from Oregon. And Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will tell Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) to get a new sponsor.

Y&R spoilers tease Lauren will tell Nikki she hasn’t said two words since her sponsor was there. “I didn’t want to say this in front of him, but that look he had, I’m afraid I know it all too well,” Nikki will reply. “I think he’s drinking again, and it’s all my fault.” But Lauren will tell her she’s not responsible for his actions. Then Jack will approach and see the look on their faces. “Bad timing?” he’ll ask. “Am I interrupting?”

Y&R Daily Scoop – Victor Tells Nikki Not To Contact Seth

Nikki will say an awkward hello and quickly head out. “I’m sure it’s none of my business, but is Nikki okay?” Jack will ask. So, Lauren will ask if she can trust him. He’ll say of course. Lauren will tell him Nikki’s in trouble and she’s in over her head. They’ll decide they need to talk in private and will meet up at the Abbott estate. Lauren will lay out, in general details, what happened to Nikki. And now she thinks her sponsor is drinking again and it’s her fault. So, Jack will offer to reach out to Nikki and keep Lauren’s name out of it.

Y&R Scoop: Victor tells Nikki not to text Seth

Meanwhile, Victor will ask his daughter how the trip went and Victoria will say Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) did what she set out to do. “That girl has a lot to sort through, doesn’t she?” he’ll comment. But Victoria will ask Victor how she can help Claire get through all the pain she went through. “The thought of losing her again, it’s unbearable,” she’ll continue. “I want to make up for the horrible life she had because of Jordan.”

Victor will admit he’s gone through similar issues, because of Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). “One thing you’ve got to know, Claire’s a victim, all the hurt she has suffered, it won’t wash away overnight.” Then he’ll ask Victoria how it feels to have Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) back in her life again, after all these years. And she’ll say he’s been a great support.  Then Nikki will walk in.

Victor will say she seems agitated. She’ll say she thinks Seth (Brian Gaskill) has been drinking again and she blames herself. But Victor and Victoria will tell her the same thing Lauren did. After Victoria leaves, Nikki will get a text from Seth, asking if she’s okay. But Victor will tell her not to answer and Nikki will ask why. “He broke his sobriety, he shouldn’t be your sponsor, don’t be in contact with him,” he’ll say. “Call AA and have them find another sponsor.”

Young And The Restless Scoop – Will Phyllis Give Up On Danny?

At the Jazz Club, a disgusted Christine will go back up the stairs before Danny extricates himself from Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). “You cannot keep doing this,” he’ll tell her. “I can’t follow you down this road, Phyllis.” But she’ll say he seemed to enjoy himself. “We should explore what could come next.” However, Danny will say he’s not interested. “This isn’t gonna work, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel right.” He’ll say maybe some version of being friends could work. “But anything else, no. Never.” But will Phyllis give up on him?

Y&R Scoop: Phyllis has a drink after Danny rejects her

Upstairs, an upset Christine will text Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), saying she heard she’s back in town. “Are you around?” she’ll ask. “I could use a friend.” But Danny will spot her. “Hey gorgeous,” he’ll say and try to kiss her, but she’ll pull away. He’ll ask if this is about the ridiculous video Phyllis posted. “Even better, I saw the two of you live and in person downstairs,” she’ll reply. Danny will say Phyllis tried to set him up. “I saw the kiss, it didn’t look to me like you were set up at all.” He’ll say if he’s guilty of anything, it’s of being naive.

“I have zero interest in competing with Phyllis for your attention,” Christine will say. “It’s just not a road I want to go down.” But Danny will tell Christine he wants her. “Do you?” she’ll ask. “If you want to be with Phyllis, it’s fine. It’s crazy but it’s fine.” She’ll say it’s his choice to make. “Because the kiss I witnessed tells me you’re not sure.”

Finally, Christine will meet with Nina at Society and tell her what she witnessed. She’ll say either Danny’s fighting his feelings for Phyllis or he’s so weak that she’s got him wrapped around her finger. “Either way, I refuse to get hurt again,” she’ll tell Nina. “So I’m just going to end things before I get in any deeper.”

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    I think Christine is being smart to let Danny and Phyllis play on the playground by themselves. It’s time for a new love interest for Christine. Danny is a weak man that needs to find himself. Let Phyllis help him grow up. Time for a new lawyer to come into town and become best friends with Christine. Give Phyllis and Danny their own playground to play on by themselves. In the meantime, a new lawyer needs to come into town investigating the death of Jeremy Starkes. I think Phyllis should go to Tucker for help, since he knows who and where the ambulance driver was when Phyllis was running scared from killing Jeremy. Phyllis now needs Tucker to help her out. Phyllis and Tucker working together would be great, that puts the two of them in their own playground to play in and get just as dirty as they can. Now this new lawyer could come into play when he goes to Christine and let her know he is looking for the woman that Jeremy Starkes was married to before his death. Let Christine be the one to point him in the right direction. Okay writers, now you can give Phyllis a good storyline that puts this bully in her place. Tucker and Phyllis, WOW! WHAT A STORYLINE.

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