Young And The Restless Scoop December 15: Chance Invites Summer To A Concert – Billy Has A Change Of Heart – Tucker Reveals His Plan To Kyle

Young And The Restless Scoop: Chance tells Summer it's her lucky day

Young And The Restless Scoop: Chance tells Summer it's her lucky day

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Friday, December 15 reveals it’ll be Summer Newman’s (Allison Lanier) lucky day.

Also coming up, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will encourage Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) to turn against Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Plus, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will put his foot down with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters). And Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will have a change of heart.

Y&R spoilers tease Tucker will show up at the Abbott estate. He’ll ask Jack, Diane and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) where Kyle and Billy are. “Don’t pretend you need them here to play games with us,” Diane will reply. Tucker will lie and say he’s there to make peace. But Jack will tell him they’re not buying it. “Peace is a two way street and I’m willing if you are,” Tucker will reply. Then he’ll hold out his hand to Jack, who will narrow his eyes. “You can put down your hand,” Jack will tell him.

Y&R Daily Scoop – Jack Sick Of Waiting For His Next Move

“I am sick of this war, I am sick of waiting to see what your next move is gonna be,” Jack will say, speaking for the majority of Y&R viewers. But Tucker will say he has a new focus and is hoping to let go of all his anger. “I agree to buy your half of Glacade,” he’ll say to Ashley.

Y&R Scoop: Tucker wants to shake Jack's hand

After Tucker leaves, Diane will say Tucker was right and Billy should have been there. “When it comes to Jabot, Billy just keeps dropping the ball.” But Jack won’t be happy. “I am not going to argue this with you, this is my call,” Jack will tell his wife. “Kyle and Billy are both where they belong.”

As for Billy, he’ll be at Society, discussing Christmas with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). Then she’ll ask him if he can handle the Abbott and Tucker war without it triggering his impulses. And Billy will realize he likely can’t. But he’ll tell Chelsea that if he worked with his mother it would be different, plus, she needs him and Jack doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Kyle will be busy getting busy with Audra. After they have sex, she’ll say he needs to stop dragging his heels about getting information about Jabot. So, she’ll suggest he find some confidential information. But Kyle will say it would help if he knew what she and Tucker’s game plan is. “What if he’s playing all of us, you included?”

There’ll be a knock on the door and it’ll be Tucker. “You should be at Jabot right now,” he’ll say to Kyle. “You are turning out to be totally useless.” But Kyle will tell him he needs to know what’s going on. “Either give me the game plan, or count me out.”  So, Tucker will ask him to find a new, innovative product. “You will then get me the formula.” Tucker will add that eventually he’ll find a sacrificial lamb to pin it on, likely Billy or Diane.

Young And The Restless Scoop – Sticking With Him, Or Tucker?

After Tucker leaves, Kyle will tell Audra that he’s Tucker’s sacrificial lamb and he thinks he’s going to double-cross her as well. “It’s up to me to turn Tucker’s plan against him before he turns against us,” he’ll say. “So, are you with me, or are you sticking with Tucker?”

Y&R Scoop: Kyle asks Audra whose side she's on

At Crimson Lights, Summer will run into Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd). She’ll ask if he has plans to celebrate his career change and Chance will say he’s taking Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) to a concert tonight. It’s one of his favorite bands but he thinks Sharon’s just going to appease him. Summer will ask who the band is. “Say Jump,” he’ll reply. “I love them,” Summer will say. “Is Sharon crazy? They’re the best.”

But Chance will get a call from Sharon, saying she can’t go. He’ll turn around and grin at Summer. “Today must be your lucky day,” he’ll tell her. “I just so happen to have one extra free ticket to see our favorite band now. It’s all yours.” However, Summer will try to beg off, saying maybe he should ask one of his friends. She’ll eventually agree to call Chance later to let him know if she can go.

Then Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) will walk in and Chance will ask him to encourage his sister to go to the concert with him. He’ll sit down with Summer and ask if she’s blushing. Daniel will also wonder why she’s hesitating to go. “I’m not going to want to turn back,” Summer will say. “Sharon’s going to find out and it’s going to be inevitably messy.” But Daniel will tell her she needs to face her feelings head on.

Finally, Summer will take a deep breath and call Chance. “If that ticket is still available,” she’ll say. “Count me in.”

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