The Young And The Restless Scoop February 13: Tucker Tells Ashley She Needs Professional Help – Chance Kisses Summer – Phyllis And Nick Reconnect

Young And The Restless: Ashley faces off with Tucker

Young And The Restless: Ashley faces off with Tucker

The Young And The Restless (Y&R) scoop for Tuesday, February 13 reveals Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) will threaten Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).

Also coming up, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will reconnect with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Plus, Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) and Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) will end their date with a kiss. And Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) will wake up alone.

Y&R spoilers tease Nick will sidle up to the bar at Society. He’ll hear Summer laughing with Chance and glance over. Then Phyllis will arrive and tell Nick what’s happening is just as she predicted. She’ll add that she’s really happy for their daughter.

Y&R Daily Scoop – Phyllis And Nick Share A Special Bond

Phyllis will say she knows Nick was furious with her after she “died,” so she stayed away. But she’ll always care about him. “No matter what happens with us we will always share that bond, being Summer’s parents,” Phyllis will add.

Y&R Scoop: Phyllis has a drink with Nick

Then Summer will spot her parents at the bar and Nick and Phyllis will approach them. Chance will ask if they want to join them but they’ll decline. Summer will comment that it’s weird seeing her parents together.

Phyllis and Nick will head back to the bar and he’ll say he was very angry with her for what she put Summer through. But he wants to let it go for all their sakes. They’ll discuss Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Nick will say he thinks his brother has made some changes for the better.

But then Phyllis will bring up Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). “Was that really a thing?” she’ll ask and he’ll say he really cared about her. But he ended because she still had feelings for Adam. And Nick will be surprised when Phyllis says she may have found her own happiness, with Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian).

Y&R Scoop – Summer And Chance Share A Goodnight Kiss

Over at Chance and Summer’s table, she’ll talk about her breakup with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Chance will discuss what happened with Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). They’ll get up and say goodbye to Nick and Phyllis. Then Summer will thank Chance for the evening and he’ll kiss her.

Y&R Scoop: Chance and Summer kiss

Meanwhile, Ashley will continue to wait at the GCAC for Tucker, who is in his suite having sex with Audra. When she falls asleep, Tucker will take a look at his phone and see Ashley’s text message. “Where are you?” he’ll reply and she’ll tell him she’s downstairs. “Are you awake?” he’ll whisper to Audra. But she won’t respond.

So, Tucker will arrive downstairs and ask Ashley what she wants. “I wanted to see you face to face and tell you that I’ve never been more disgusted by anyone’s actions than I am by yours,” Ashley will say. “I am embarrassed and ashamed that I ever loved you.”

Then she’ll accuse him of bribing the restaurant staff at the cafe. “Congratulations, your gas lighting was somewhat effective as my own family is now doubting me.” But she’ll say he’s got so much pain coming to him. “You don’t have a heart, you are all ego.” Ashley will add that any guilt she felt has been replaced by utter contempt. Then she’ll threaten to keep his son and grandson out of his life for good.

“Are you finished?” he’ll ask. “Because now it’s my turn.” Then he’ll swear, on the soul of his grandson, that he didn’t coerce the staff. “If they backed up  my version of what happened, it’s because it’s the truth.” Then he’ll say he doesn’t know what’s going on with her but he’ll suggest she get professional help.

Young And The Restless Scoop – Traci Asks Ashley If She’s Okay

Ashley will sneer at him and Audra will come downstairs. “There you are,” she’ll say, “I woke up and you weren’t there.” Audra will add the last thing she expected was to find him the the woman who put him through such hell. “Am I supposed to be shocked that the two of you are sleeping together?” Ashley will ask.

Y&R Scoop: Traci worries about Ashley

Then she’ll ask Audra if she was sleeping with Tucker at the same time she was sleeping with Kyle. And when Audra doesn’t answer Ashley will tell her she’s real classy. “You two deserve each other.” Then Audra and Tucker will head upstairs and she’ll demand to know why he was downstairs with his ex-wife. So, Tucker will admit Ashley texted him.

Finally, a shaken Ashley will return home and flash back to the cafe in Paris. But this time, she’ll see Tucker’s version. Tears will come, and she’ll sit down. Then Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) will walk in and ask if she’s okay. “I don’t know what’s happening to me,” Ashley will reply.

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