Soap Opera Daily Scoop: Update – The Impeachment Trial And Soap Preemptions

Update on soap preemptions due to the impeachment hearings

Soap Opera Daily Scoop: Update on soap preemptions due to the impeachment hearings

Soap opera spoilers tease angry fans are making their voices heard on social media, as the impeachment trial hearings continue to preempt many of our beloved soaps.

General Hospital (GH), which airs on ABC, posted a statement on its Twitter feed yesterday. The Soap has been preempted since Tuesday.

“We know you’re ready for new episodes of … Stay tuned for updates and thanks again for your patience.” Rumor has it, ABC plans to preempt the soap throughout the impeachment hearings. This could mean no GH for two weeks and fans were quick to express their dismay.

Soap Opera Daily Scoop – Will General Hospital Be Preempted Indefinitely?

“Yes, we want new episodes of #GH stat. You can air it late night…that way all have access to watch live or record it & watch later,” one fan tweeted. “Total preemption for two weeks is beyond ridiculous.”

Another fan warned ABC the show could get cancelled, if it continues to be preempted. “Every other network/soap has figured out their plans by now…except for ABC,” the fan posted. “Very disappointing.”

But not every other soap has figured it out. Many Young And The Restless (Y&R) fans were thrilled when CBS made the decision to air yesterday’s episode on and CBS all access. And it looks like the network will continue to air episodes online. “Today’s original episode may be interrupted,” Y&R tweeted today. “You can watch it on or CBS All Access later today.”

Soap Opera Daily Scoop – New Bold And The Beautiful Episode Disappeared Online

Yet Bold And The Beautiful (B&B), which also airs on CBS, did something truly bizarre yesterday. B&B’s twitter account posted a tweet, informing viewers they could watch a new episode on or CBS All Access. Within hours, the tweet was deleted and the new episode disappeared online, with no explanation.

The Soap Scoop applauds NBC and Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), which has had it together right from the start. They’ve been airing the show daily on COZI TV and on the NBC DOOL app. Fans haven’t missed one episode all week.

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