Bold And The Beautiful Scoop February 13: Poppy Is Stunned By Luna’s Admission – RJ Opens Up To Brooke

Bold And The Beautiful: Poppy gets alarming news from Luna

Bold And The Beautiful: Poppy gets alarming news from Luna

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) scoop for Tuesday, February 13 reveals Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) will be taken aback by her daughter’s news.

Also coming up, Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) will be filled with regret, as Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) flips out. Plus, RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) will have a open up to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).

B&B spoilers tease RJ will praise Luna to his mom. He’ll talk about how incredible she is and how much he values having her in his life. Of course, he has no idea yet that she just spent the night with his cousin.

B&B Daily Scoop – Zende Didn’t Get Reaction He Expected

Meanwhile, Luna and Zende will continue to talk about what went down between them after Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Donna Forrester’s (Jennifer Gareis) wedding.

B&B Scoop: Zende is filled with regret

On Monday, Luna was aghast when she woke up in the Forrester guest house, in Zende’s bed. And it sure wasn’t the reaction that Zende was expecting, after they spent the night together.

“What we shared last night was amazing, you were so free and uninhibited,” Zende told Luna. “What happened was definitely mutual, something that we both wanted.” But he seemed remorseful when she revealed that she thought he was RJ.

Bold And The Beautiful Scoop – Poppy Realizes Something’s Off

After her discussion with Zende, a distraught Luna will arrive home. Poppy will assume her daughter spent the night at RJ’s beach house. But she’ll quickly learn otherwise.

Luna will still be confused and wondering how it was she ended up in Zende’s bed when she’d only had one or two glasses of champagne. No doubt, Poppy will realize something is off and she’ll question her daughter. But will Luna tell her mother about what happened with Zende?

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