Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Do You Love Or Hate The Mannequin Storyline?

Bold And The Beautiful Scoop: Thomas Forrester And His New Hope Spencer Doll

Bold And The Beautiful Scoop: Thomas Forrester And His New Hope Spencer Doll

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) served up a shocker this past week when Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) delivered a heavy package to the Forrester board room. He mentioned it was destined for the Hope For The Future archives.

Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) peered inside the box and said: “It’s so lifelike.” But instead of leaving the box there, he took it to his apartment. When he opened it up at home, viewers saw it was a mannequin that was the spitting image of Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle).

Although fans were stunned, Executive Producer and Head Writer Brad Bell had teased viewers that there would be a storyline involving a mannequin. Most of us thought he was joking, but apparently they are really going to go there.

Bold And The Beautiful Poll – Lars And The Real Girl Already Went There

Fans sounded off immediately and seem to be divided into two camps. They either love or hate the storyline. “What in the world is wrong with Thomas? OMG,” one fan said. “Thought you trying to redeem him and yet you made him creepier then we ever imagined,” another chimed in.

Others though, had a sense of humor about the whole thing. “I love it!! Who among us hasn’t wanted a life-size doll instead of the real thing? So much less drama. LOL.” Another said: “I want a realistic doll of the incredibly sexy @JMattAtkinson.”

Assuming this will go as we think it will, Thomas will become become obsessed with the dummy and may even fall in love with it. He’s already hearing its voice in his head. A story like this wouldn’t be the first of its kind either. Lars And The Real Girl did it way back in 2007.

Bold And The Beautiful Poll – Will The Doll Help Cure His Hope Spencer Obsession?

It’s highly doubtful anyone in LA will accept the Forrester designer and his love doll the way the small Midwestern town did for Lars Lindstrom (Ryan Gosling). It turned out Lars’ affection for his real doll was just the ticket out of a life of loneliness for the shy 27-year-old. He would bring it on dates with him and pretend it was real. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Thomas brought the Hope doll as his date to the annual Forrester Thanksgiving dinner?

Lars eventually realized he had to move on with a real woman and even held a funeral for his doll. Maybe it’ll go the same way for Thomas and it will finally cure him of his Hope obsession. We can only hope, right? What do you think – do you love or hate the mannequin storyline? Vote in our poll below.

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