Bold And The Beautiful News: Alley Mills Mourns The Loss Of Her Husband Orson Bean

Bold And The Beautiful News: Alley Mills and her late husband Orson Bean

Bold And The Beautiful News: Alley Mills and her late husband Orson Bean

Bold And The Beautiful’s (B&B) Alley Mills, who plays Pamela Douglas, lost her husband of 26 years on Friday in a tragic accident. Veteran actor Orson Bean was crossing the road in Los Angeles when he was struck by two cars.

Bean was heading toward the Ruskin Group Theatre, where he and Mills were starring in a play called Bad Habits.

LA police officer Drake Madison said the actor crossed the road, was hit by a vehicle and fell down and then a second car struck and killed him. Both drivers stayed at the scene and Bean’s death has been ruled an accident.

Bold And The Beautiful News – Alley Mills And Orson Bean Hit It Off From The Start

Mills And Bean first met in 1991 and immediately hit it off, despite their 23-year age difference. He proposed to her unconventionally while they were on a flight to Los Angeles. Bean threw a small black box into her lap and inside the box was a diamond ring.

“Orson told me, it’s unconditional,” Mills said in an interview with People. “If you don’t want to wear it, put it in a drawer. If you want to consider it an engagement ring, that’s up to you.” Bean and Mills were married on April 18, 1993.

The fact that Bean had been married twice before, to Jacqueline de Sibour in 1956 and Carolyn Maxwell in 1965, didn’t overly concern Mills. For his part, Bean told People he loved Mills “on a deep level that I haven’t known since I was a little boy with my mother.”

Bold And The Beautiful News – Orson Bean Played Dr. Lester In Being John Malkovitch

Bean had a plethora of acting stints under his belt in his varied career. He starred in a number of stage plays and guest-starred on The Twilight Zone, The Love Boat, The Facts Of Life, Murder, She Wrote, The Fall guy and many other television series. He also played Dr. Lester in the film Being John Malkovich and Loren Bray on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, alongside Mills.

Besides Mills, the 91-year-old actor leaves behind his daughters Michele and Susannah and his sons Ezekiel and Max. The Soap Scoop sends its condolences to Alley Mills at this tragic time.

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