Bold And The Beautiful Scoop January 25: Luna Is Unsettled By RJ’s Suggestion About Bill – Li Makes An Allegation Against Poppy

Bold And The Beautiful: Luna surprised by RJ's suggestion

Bold And The Beautiful: Luna surprised by RJ's suggestion

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) scoop for Thursday, January 25 reveals RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) will put an alarming thought in Luna Nozawa’s (Lisa Yamada) mind.

Also coming up, Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) will make another accusation against her sister.

B&B spoilers tease Li will be on the warpath, after learning the man Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) has become involved with is Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

B&B Daily Scoop – Li Lurking At Forrester For No Reason

On Wednesday, Li was once again lurking at Forrester Creations, for no apparent reason, and overheard a surprising conversation between her niece and her sister. So, of course she felt more than compelled to confront them.

B&B Scoop: Li's angry to learn Poppy's dating Bill

“You know what’s amazing?” Luna said to RJ and her mother. “Out of all the men in Los Angeles, my mom is seeing Bill Spencer.” “What? You and Bill Spencer?” a shocked Li said from the doorway.

Li recently accused her sister of being a gold digger. After all, she had an affair with the head doctor at the hospital Li was working at years ago. But now, her suspicions will be confirmed and she’ll accuse Poppy of preying on Bill.

Bold And The Beautiful Scoop – Lightbulb Goes Off In RJ’s Head

Meanwhile, Luna managed to extricate herself from the heated argument between Li and Poppy. And on Thursday, she and RJ will continue to discuss how amazing it is that Bill and Poppy managed to find each other again after all these years.

However, while they’re talking about it, a lightbulb will go off in RJ’s head and he’ll have a startling thought about Poppy and Bill’s past. But will it occur to him that Luna could be Bill’s daughter?

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