Bold And The Beautiful Blast From The Past: Brooke And Deacon’s Scandalous Affair

Bold And The Beautiful: Deacon Sharpe Kisses Brooke Logan

Bold And The Beautiful: Deacon Sharpe Kisses Brooke Logan

The Bold And The Beautiful’s (B&B) Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) hasn’t always been the moral authority she professes to be.

Longtime viewers will recall that in 2001, Brooke slept with her daughter’s husband, more than once. And the result of her passionate rendezvous with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) was Hope Logan (Annika Noelle).

With Deacon suddenly back on the scene, we thought we’d refresh fans’ memories of the scandalous affair and the implications it had on Brooke’s family and her reputation at the time.

B&B Scoop – Brooke Logan Meddled In Daughter’s Life

Brooke’s daughter Bridget Forrester (Jennifer Finnegan) married Deacon when she was very young. And Brooke incessantly meddled in her life. She told Bridget Deacon wasn’t good enough for her and she wanted her to get a divorce. And Brooke was right. Deacon admitted to her that he didn’t love her daughter.

But Bridget refused to leave her husband, so Brooke tried to get the goods on Deacon. She pressed him to tell her daughter the marriage was over. However, after a few hours of drinking together, he got the goods on her. Brooke followed her libido and ended up having sex with her daughter’s husband. They slept together a few more times until Brooke discovered she was pregnant.

Horrified that Bridget would find out about her affair with Deacon, Brooke married Whip Jones (Rick Hearst) so she could pretend the baby was his. However, like all soap opera secrets, this one eventually came out. In June, 2002, Bridget threw a baby shower for her mom and happened to be on the wrong end of a baby monitor.

Bold And The Beautiful Scoop – Bridget Forrester Overheard Them

Bridget overheard her mother and her husband discussing the baby they were expecting. Then she gasped as Deacon told Brooke he loved her. Bridget was devastated and confronted her mother at Big Bear Cabin. After Brooke admitted the affair, she went into labor. Bridget helped deliver Hope, alongside Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). But it took her years to forgive her mother.

Undoubtedly, Brooke has raised Hope alone and Deacon has been an absentee father. But perhaps she should lay off a bit when she’s berating Hope for wanting a relationship with her biological father. Brooke made her own bed all those years ago, now she has to lie in it.

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